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Ready Mix Concrete

Our company produce all kind of mix designs with different stress, which begin from stress 150 KG / CM2to 500 KG / CM2and also produce mix designs with special specifications like

Blocks & Interlock
We produce all kind of blocks and interlock, it is a commonly used as a decorative method of creating a hard standing. The main benefit over other materials to create a hard surface are that the...
Chairman Word

I want to see everyone working togetherat al AlAmal Co. pooling their ideas, clarifying issues through discussion.

For my part, I’ll do all my best to cultivate this corporate culture; individual employees should enhance their capabilities and apply them to adding value to their business.

We are a consumer focused company who always work bearing in mind its customers’ needs, and our strategy is to reach the ultimate customer satisfaction

     Yours Truly,

                        Eng. Fawzy El Gharbawy



The world in which we do business is changing rabidly, we are responding by increasing the speed and vigor management to get the best of our company’s products,

Our target is growth through creativity and innovation by creating new value and pioneering new markets.

ALAMAl Ready-mix is committed to establishing long term, valuable business relationships by providing our customers with quality materials at competitive prices. We are continually looking to the future for the next innovations that will allow us to better serve our customers’ needs